Array .map() over TypeScript Array Union Types

Problem: TypeScript Error Calling .map() on an Array Union Type

I was running into a TypeScript issue trying to call over an uploadedDocuments array of items in a React component <UserDocumentList /> that renders a list of uploaded documents.

import React from "react";
import { FileWithPath } from "react-dropzone";

import { S3Document } from "~/api/user/getUserDocuments";

type Props = {
  uploadedDocuments: S3Document[] | FileWithPath[];};

const UserDocumentList: React.FC<Props> = ({ uploadedDocuments, intl }) => {
  return (
      {, i: number) => {        // ... render my list items

export default UserDocumentList;

Depending on where my <UserDocumentList /> component is used, uploadedDocuments can either render a list of S3Document[] documents or FileWithPath[] documents.

Naively, I declared the type of uploadedDocuments as:

type Props = {
  uploadedDocuments: S3Document[] | FileWithPath[];};

However, TypeScript did not like this:

This expression is not callable.

  Each member of the union type '(<U>(callbackfn: (value: FileWithPath, index: number, array: FileWithPath[]) => U, thisArg?: any) => U[]) | (<U>(callbackfn: (value: S3Document, index: number, array: S3Document[]) => U, thisArg?: any) => U[])' has signatures, but none of those signatures are compatible with each other.ts(2349)


Apparently, for union types, members which are functions will also be typed as union types, so the the type of is not callable.

To fix this issue, the correct typing of uploadedDocuments should be an array of the union of S3Document and FileWithPath types.

type Props = {
  uploadedDocuments: (S3Document | FileWithPath)[];};