Mental Check-In: Thoughts on Learning

A reaaaal quick post. I’m signed up to Travis Neilson’s emails (he does the DevTips channel on YouTube). Today he wrote some advice to a younger front-end developer.

“accept the criticism, and work hard to improve. This is a good time in your life, you are not expected to be the best, take advantage of that and make as many mistakes as you can, as long as you own them and learn from them.”

There are days in class when I’m just totally stressing out because I’m stuck on a concept and I can see in the corner of my eye that my classmates are whizzing past me. But it always helps when I take a water-break (I don’t do coffee anymore) and reset my mindset. The stress always comes from a nonexistent standard that I put on myself. I love the moments when I can reset, check-in the expectations, and remember that this is a time to be humble, and learn.

Well, time to run off to class!

Duncan Leung

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