Terminal & Git Road Bumps

I’ll see how often I’ll be able to post in the morning – I was able to wake up early enough today, but we’ll see how tired I am later on through the course =)

So I ran into a couple of “road bumps” as I was learning some programming skills yesterday and I thought it’d be good to keep a little section where I post the solutions I found – or maybe topics for future research/reading that I can come back to.

Yesterday I was getting acquainted with Terminal, vim, and Git. To a seasoned programmer this is probably baby steps (maybe baby crawl), but I figured I should get as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible, with using the CLI to navigate my file system.

Some CLI (Command Line Interface) commands/shortcuts that I found necessary and useful:

  • touch [file]: Create new file
  • rm -r [dir]: Remove a directory and contents
  • mkdir [dir]: Create new directory

  • Ctrl + L Clears the Screen

  • Ctrl + C Kill whatever you are running
  • Tab Auto-complete files and folder names (Man, I love this!)
  • Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line
  • Ctrl + E Go to the end of the line

A full list of commands/shortcuts that I was referencing yesterday is at:

Here I’m messing around with modifying a file with nano and using ‘git diff’ and ‘git status’ to see what has been modified/staged.


Another issue I ran into while using Git in the terminal was after using the git commit command. Unbeknownst to me, vim was automatically opened as my text editor and I had no idea how to save my commit comments and exit out (I know, what a noob right?)

Well, I found out:

  • To save your work and exit press Esc and then :wq (w for write and q for quit)
  • Or, save and exit by pressing Esc and then :x

Future reading for self:

  • Difference between vim and nano, benefits of one over the other. I’ve heard people approve of one over the other. To me, it just seems like preference.

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