Riding Uber in Shanghai

Uber recently entered Shanghai and I used their launch promo code: hellosh to get my first ride for free (up to $20USD). It was a pretty smooth experience, and definitely fun to pick up a date in an Audi A6 and be dropped off in front of a nice restaurant in style, without having to fumble around with cash. Payment is all done via credit card (which I guess could be a problem in China? Though for their target audience, I’m assuming most of them will have a credit card on hand).

Booking the car is quite straight forward, though I did have a bit of confusion as to which button would actually book a car =) Do I click that round button with the car symbol? Or do I click on the pop-up over the pin?

The service is still really new, and I was my driver’s first client, on his first day of work. I was amused because he kept asking me if I was “Jacky”, and when I tried to confirm that he was an Uber driver, he didn’t seem to recognize the company name at all. It seems like they’re hiring drivers from Hertz for now, just to get cars on the street. Whatever works, right? Gotta tackle the chicken-or-the-egg problem somehow in a two sided market.

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Uber Shanghai Uber Shanghai


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