Post #1 - I need to stop killing my blog

Well this means I’m back!

After being very very smart and killing my blog for the umpteenth time, here I am again with a new place for me to splatter my thoughts.

The funny thing is, the later iterations of my blog are getting more and more simplistic- I guess because now I realize that I really don’t have time to ‘manage’ a full-fledged, multi-layered blog, and it would just be better for me to have a simple, tumblr themed, blog to jot things down.

So recapping from where I last left off from my previous blog-

(By the way, the reason why I lost my other site was because  I decided to transfer web hosting from a US-based host to a Singapore-based host because of connection speed from China. Not to mention that I’m now in Shanghai, which, from a previous article I’d read, has the slowest connection in all of China… great, right?)

I moved from Beijing to Shanghai sometime earlier this year in March or April, and I joined a local startup as a product manager. It was pretty much jumping into the deep end for me since not only was I getting more involved with the product side of things, but also because it’s been a major workout for my Chinese- but all for the best, eh? Ain’t gonna learn much unless there’s some push.

I’ve also been trying to pick up some more programming through Codecademy and Udemy, learning HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery for now- figure that I’ll just stick with frontend development until I get a bit more proficient, before tackling backend stuff. Guess I’ll try out Ruby on Rails or Node.js, but that’s for another time for me to think about.

So that’s about that for now- don’t know what else to write about. Til next time…

Duncan Leung

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