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Git and more git. I sometime wonder if I’m spending too much time doing side reading on git, but I figure that since git is so commonly used in production that I ought to learn more than just the basics. I also recently read a Quora article: What are the characteristics of a bad software engineer that summarized that bad software engineers have: “A lack of empathy for other developers and the users of your code is a root cause for many symptoms of bad software engineering.”

I’ve also read/heard from other sources that good programmers should have clean and well documented code. Basically, no one wants to hire or work with a programmer who is going to write messy, un-maintainable code. Hence, all my side reading on how to build up a maintainable and clean git workflow.

Anyways… //endrant.

I found this really great Git tutorial hosted by Atlassian (the guys that made Jira – the project and software management system). Their tutorial organizes and breaks down the git commands and concepts into sections that seemed to match my needs of working with git:

  • Getting started working with git - Setting up repositories
  • Saving changes
  • Inspecting repositories
  • Viewing old commits
  • Undoing hanges
  • Rewriting history
  • Collaborating with remotes - Syncing
  • Pull requests
  • Using branches

Go check it out: Git Tutorial

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