Man Up: Biblical Manhood - Thoughts from Lecrae

Notes from the video above:

Biblical manhood is understanding that God has designed the blueprint for manhood. So, you’re not operating in masculinity or manhood if you’re just doing what society or culture tells you what manhood is. You’re not practicing true masculinity or true manhood unless you’re doing what God calls you to do, and Jesus is the perfect picture of authentic, biblical masculinity.

Jesus: He was selfless, He was willing to sacrifice himself for others and the woman He loves (the church). A man should be willing to sacrifice himself, and especially for his wife, his bride.

Jesus walked in authority, and He respected authority– He lived to do the will of his father, but He did not walk through life saying “I’m responsible here. I have an authoritative mission here, and I’m responsible.

He also embraces responsibility, whereas you see Adam in scripture saying, “God the woman You gave me- she did it.” We see him being a passive man, and we see that a lot in our families where men come home and they’re passive- they come home and they just want to sit down and watch TV: “Woman, you take care of all this stuff- I don’t know what’s going on with all these kids.”

Jesus embraces that all responsibility, to the point of taking upon himself other’s sake. It wasn’t His fault that we sinned against God and deserved eternal torment. But He still took that upon his own back. That’s masculinity, that’s manhood. That’s a great picture of biblical manhood.

It’s not being passive; definitely being selfless; those are some pictures of masculinity.

Some people say: “as long as you provide for your family, then that’s it. But you know, any animal does that. There’s got to be more to it.

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