Learning Programming on Codecademy and Udemy

For those who’re wondering where I’ve been recently, I’ve been cutting back on ‘fun’ stuff like gaming to learn some programming. My plan right now is to get somewhat proficient at front-end web development, before I get start learning backend stuff.

An awesome resource that I’ve been using is Codecademy, and I’ve used it to get an okay handle on HTML and CSS. Being that it’s technically still in ‘beta’, the later courses on Javascript and jQuery are a bit confusing as they haven’t gone through as much ‘community testing’ yet. Luckily, I managed to snag the Udemy course, “How to become a Web Developer from scratch” for 75% off, and I’ve been working through Udemy for the past week.

I prefer Codecademy’s approach to learning programming a bit better than Udemy’s, since Codecademy provides you with an interface to actually type in code and have it verified. I figure the more practice I get to type out actual code, the faster that I’ll learn the syntax. Udemy, on the other hand, is basically a series of video-tutorials that walk through lessons.
The nice thing about Udemy, though, is that I can play videos on 2x speed, which gives me a good way to recap on some concepts from Codecademy. Udemy also provides a nice way to just ‘absorb’ concepts- I’ll start building stuff on my own after I get through Udemy’s course on Web Dev.

Just for mention sake, I’m really looking forward to trying out Team Treehouse’s programming courses. I’ve heard a lot of good things about their syllabus, and their website design is pretty =). Definitely makes me want to learn from them! Haha.

Duncan Leung

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