Design and User Experience - The Psychology of Everyday Things

design-everyday-things-donal-norman Came across this awesome book review of, “The Design of Everyday Things“, through Week 9 of

The designer’s job is to communicate what the device or a piece of software can do, and how the user can go about using those features. The flow of interactions should also be designed in a way that minimizes room for error. The interface should guide the user through the use of the device and protect them from straying aside and bumping into errors. Failure to do this results in products that are confusing and frustrating to use.

The designer is to blame [for user mistakes] because they produced something that’s not easy to understand or something that lets errors and misuse happen. If we have trouble using something then it’s probably because that thing is badly designed, rather than us being stupid.

The designer isn’t there to merely produce something to spec, or something that they would want to use themselves—the designer is there to guide the user through the experience from the first moment that person sees the device or a piece of software.

Sounds like a good book to read! Will have to add it to my reading list =)

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