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I’m a lot more productive when I’m not at home, so I’ve been working out a buddy’s apt that we’ve endearingly named RiseHub (the name of our bible study group is Rhema Rise).

Now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve written an update about what I’ve been up to recently. As you might have guessed from some of my Tweets and the fact that I’m working from a friend’s apartment, I’m no longer working with Guohe and Jiepang. I’m taking a bit of a sabbatical to rest, serve, and study programming. I’ll write a more in depth update at a later date- that wasn’t the intention of this post.

For anyone looking to learn programming, I highly recommend CodeSchool.  I thoroughly enjoy their curriculum and course structure, which consists of approximately 15min videos for each level, and then interactive problem sets to internalize the concepts.

I do want to give recognition/credit to Codecademy, which I used to start learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Codecademy is free (CodeSchool is about USD$25.00 per month), but their lessons dont include videos, and found that their more advanced courses were a bit buggy and quite confusing. I’ve read that they’ve made a lot more improvements, and also added more exciting courses, but I haven’t had time to revisit them. I’d also browsed through some Treehouse courses, which is also a paid service, but felt bored by the way they taught concepts because their target audience is towards less techy people (at least that’s my assumption).

Want to keep me accountable with my progress? Check up on my CodeSchool report card =)

2013-01-31 programming progress

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