Being Data Driven... On the Search for Better/Actionable Metrics

Jiepang is doing some awesome data-focused initiatives to make sure product iterations are actually improving user experience and retention. That, and also moving away from vanity metrics and towards more actionable metrics.

A cool product that we’ve been using recently is Mixpanel, which lets us set up tracking on event-based data, and using that to set up some pretty funnel and cohort analyses.

Lessons so far:

  • More data doesn’t equal better data
  • Clearer decisions can be made on a few metrics that reflect key-engagements, rather than a 5 page data-dump report
  • See what features users’s aren’t using… and get rid of it. UI clutter is a b*tch.
  • Fix a bleeding user-experience/retention issue first. Driving more new users (user acquisition) into a product is a waste if they’re just going to leave a couple weeks later.
  • RTFU: Remember The F’ing User. Data reflect people. Always go back to the user, and what problem the product solves for them. (Thanks, BoostAgile and OptimalUsability, for the recent Usability Workshops!)
[![]( "mixpanel-data-driven")](
Fictional data. Numbers are not from Jiepang.

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